Our Parents

Mr Kelvin Chew and Mrs Chew Suat Ling

Parents of Kieran Chew
Excellence in English, 2019

“Kieran has been attending Learning Point since K2, and I’m impressed with the dedication of his teachers and the academic content of his English lessons. I’ve seen his interest pique since starting lessons [at Learning Point]. He has also been a much more avid reader, thanks to Learning Point!”

Mdm Tie Xin Rong

Mother of Rose Yan
P1 Headstart Programme, 2017

As a mother, I am particularly impressed with the excellent programmes and the teaching culture of Learning Point teachers. The systematic and effective teaching methods, rigorous curriculum, comprehensive teaching materials and the patience, care and concern of her teacher have enabled Rose to make great progress within a short time and develop a strong interest in learning and a love for reading. I am very fortunate that my daughter is in such an excellent education centre – the lessons have helped her to lay a strong foundation in English.

Mdm Cecilia Chew

Parent of Gabriel Siah
Primary 2 Young Science Explorers Programme, 2016

“Thank you so much for introducing science to my son, Gabriel Siah. It has sparked his interest in Science! He learnt how to answer questions in a systematic manner. The preparatory course also helped him build a strong foundation for Primary 3 Science. He is doing well in Science at the moment!”

Mdm Er Li Shih

Parent of Cheong Rui En, Ashley
P1 Headstart Programme, 2015

“Ashley enjoys attending classes at Learning Point. She has made improvements in her command of English, particularly in terms of her vocabulary and phonics. Teacher Stella has also helped me recognise that Ashley needs help in certain areas. Thank you Teacher Stella for your dedication!”

Mdm Gina Lim

Parent of Keagan Cheong
Read for Success Programme, 2014

Keagan was with another school for 1.5 years until I realized he couldn’t do his blending at all. After just 3 lessons at Learning Point, I was pleased that he can do his blending. With the patience of Teacher Anita, he can read and write now, though he struggled a little at the initial stage.

Mdm Irene Goh

Parent of Than Jun Hao
P1 Headstart Programme, 2015

“Jun Hao is able to read more fluently and is able to form sentences on his own by expressing his thoughts.”

Mdm Melissa Ho

Parent of Lucas Leau
P1 Headstart Programme, 2015

“My child now reads storybooks with length more confidently. In the past, he used to choose storybooks with few words to read. He is now able to write a short story with ease and enjoys going for class.”

Mr Wee Tien Lung

Parent of Javier Wee
Read for Success Programme, 2015

Javier looks forward to every lesson in Read for Success. His joy persists even after each lesson. I felt that he has gained a lot in this program with such a wonderful teacher. Keep it up. He is now looking forward to join the P1 Headstart program!

Mr Yap

Parent of Jayden Yap Jun Yi
P1 Headstart Programme, 2015

His sentence structure and words usage have improved. He’s able to explain the difference between noun, verb, adjectives to me!

Our Students

Chan Shi Kai

Secondary 2, 2019
Excellence In Literature (EIL)

How have I benefitted from this course?
1. Improvement from B4 to A2
2. When the teacher gives poems / prose to do, I am able to interpret and analyse it better. I can also understand the lessons in school better and more easily.
3. I am able to understand, use and explain literacy devices and other key concepts in Literature.
4. I am more aware of the world around me, and I now know more about the different problems, different people / societies face. I also can interpret what people are trying to say through different ways, such as poems and songs.
5. I am able to feel more empathetic and also able to sympathise with people around me better.

Chua Shan Yu

Secondary 2, 2019
Excellence In Literature (EIL)

How have I benefitted from this course?
1. Improvement from C6 to A2
2. Ability to understand the lesson in school: Since the literature lessons at Learning Point, I have been able to understand how the teacher’s interpretations come about better. I can also infer from the teacher’s analysis better.
3. Understanding of key concepts in Literature: I have always been able to identify my literacy devices but can not see its uses in a text or poem. Through these classes, I can connect the literacy devices to the text and answer the question more in-depth.
4. Awareness of the world around me: I can empathize with the people around me through the different points-of-view from the poems. I have also gained new perspectives about life and learnt new things and understand the troubles of others.

Rachel Au-Yong

Primary 6, 2001
Read For Success (RFS), Progress In English (PIE), and Gifted In English (GIE)

“Classes at Learning Point never felt like a chore. They were an avenue for me to stretch my creativity, and write stories my school teachers may not have had the time to entertain. They also had a mini library – a great source of entertainment for a child. I learned a lot about the beauty and power of words during my time here.”

Ysabel Shayne Lee

Primary 4, 2017
Progress In English (PIE)

“I have joined Learning Point at the age of 5. Coming from an English speaking family, I never thought I needed a lot of support for my first language. I was wrong. Learning Point has provided me a range of skills which allow me to become more confident in all aspects of my academic English learning. Particularly over the last 24 months, the Learning Point curriculum has prepared me for the rigors of the formal examinations. For example, my written English has improved and I am now able to score fairly high marks for my comprehension assessment.

With a strong foundation in English language, which is the fundamental language used for 3 out of 4 subjects in a primary school, I was able to come in first position in class last year. I am not taking this achievement for granted. The Learning Point academic system has had a real impact towards my school tests and exams, assisting me to achieve far more than I thought I was able to. I am particularly grateful to my teachers at Learning Point for guiding me patiently in each session. Their support has given me the ability to attempt my school’s English exam papers with full confidence. I continue to look forward to grow in maturity in this fun, enjoyable and stimulating environment.”

Cheryl Chan

Secondary 4, 2016
Excellence In English (EIE), Mathebolic, and Science Explorers

“My years with Learning Point have definitely helped me in my journey towards success. By providing challenging math questions that made me want to tear my hair out, it helped me to prepare myself for the upcoming battle. Ms Jasmine has been both patient and caring in her teaching. She would always answer my mountain load of questions with a kind smile,sometimes even doing so long after the lesson has ended. Studying for the ‘O’ levels was never an easy task, but with the notes Learning Point provided as well as Ms Jasmine’s patient teaching, getting an A was a goal within my reach.”

Nicole Chan

Secondary 4, 2016

“Thanks to Learning Point, I have successfully achieved an A2 for Additional Mathematics for the ‘O’ Levels. The notes and worksheets provided by Learning Point have been such a great help to me as the challenging questions have made me learn to think out of the box. As such, I am truly thankful to have attended the lessons at Learning Point.

Thank you Ms Jasmine for being such an inspiring Math teacher to me. My grades have improved thanks to your constant guidance for the past year. You have helped clear my doubts and reminded me of the areas where I am falling behind. I am now able to better grasp the formulas and concepts because of the corrections and the advice that you have given me.”

Law Wing Sum

Secondary 4, 2016
Excellence In English (EIE), Mathebolic

“I am Law Wing Sum, a student with Learning Point for 8 years. I have just received my ‘O’ Level Results and I am writing this email to show my appreciation to the teachers who have taught me and enabled me to score well. I scored A2 for English and A1 for Additional Math, with anL1R5 of 7. I have been taking English lessons with Learning Point since Primary 2 and Additional Math lessons since Secondary 3.

I was taught by Ms Jasmine for A Math in Secondary 4 and her guidance enabled me to improve significantly. At the start of the year, I was constantly getting E8 for my school’s A Math exams.During A Math lessons, when we did practice questions and worksheets, I always lagged behind the other students. Ms Jasmine understood that I was weaker than the other students and patiently explained to me how to do each and every question in a very clear manner. Before every lesson started, she also encouraged us to raise questions regarding the homework given and spent time to go through them, ensuring that we understood all the topics taught. Without her guidance, I would be unable to achieve an A1 for A Math in ‘O’ Levels. I am truly grateful for her dedication which allowed me to improve tremendously within a short period of time.

I was also taught by Mrs Jo-Ann Lee for English since Secondary 2. She made lessons very interesting and also constantly encouraged us to keep ourselves updated with the current affairs. Before the start of each lesson, she would ask us to share articles that we have read during the week and discuss the issues with us. This has greatly helped me to build up content to write for essays and for “Spoken Interaction” during oral examinations. In addition, she would also give us tips to improve our writing and teach us very useful strategies to tackle questions in Paper 2. I am very grateful for her guidance that enabled me to do well consistently in English.

I would like to express my appreciation to the teachers who have taught me and enabled me to do well in the ‘O’ Levels. Without them, I would not have been able to do so well in the ‘O’ Levels. Thank you, Learning Point.”

Kayleigh Low

Primary 5, 2014
Progress in English (PIE)

Learning Point is very interesting and I am able to learn a lot of things from the lessons. My teacher is also very patient. She is always teaching us new words. I love Learning Point!

Nicole Oo

Primary 6, 2014
Progress in English (PIE)

I look forward to coming to Learning Point. After a few lessons, my composition actually improved. The standard in Learning Point is high.


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