Preschool Enrichment Programmes


As a parent, you’ve probably heard that the first few years of a child’s life are most crucial for his development. It is during these formative years that your child develops the fundamentals for learning.

At Learning Point, we understand the importance of cultivating your child’s cognitive, motor, social, and creative skills from a young age. This is why we’ve developed our curriculum to ensure that lessons in class are fun, engaging, and challenging at the appropriate level. These nurture the child’s lifelong love for learning.

Our Read For Success (RFS) and P1 Headstart (English) preschool enrichment programmes will prepare your child for the demanding language learning environment at the primary level. The P1 Headstart (Math) programme works to ignite your child’s interest in Mathematics from a young age.

Read For Success (RFS)

Our Read for Success (RFS) programme grooms 4 to 6 year olds to read fluently through a uniquely-structured English phonics programme. This ensures that your child has a conducive environment to develop in as he or she interacts with peers and gains confidence in expressing himself or herself.

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P1 Headstart (English)

Giving Your Child A Headstart The P1 Headstart Programme continues from the RFS Programme and gives your child a headstart in his/her first year in primary school through basic grammar awareness, reading comprehension, and simple cloze passage exercises. Your child will also be exposed to basic story writing skills. The P1 Headstart Programme allows your [...]
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P1 Headstart (Math)

“Do I really need to send my child for extra maths classes in K2? The P1 syllabus seems ok!”  Our experience with P1 students has been that as numbers get larger, many face difficulties making sense of them. They start to trail behind and lose confidence and interest in the subject. Our P1 Headstart Maths [...]
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