Secondary School Enrichment Programmes


The progression from primary to secondary school can be daunting for your child. At Learning Point, we are committed to providing your child with all the help he can get to ensure that the transition is a smooth one.

Many parents choose to continue with us to the secondary level, as the seamless transition of our programmes from the primary level can help their child gain a headstart in secondary school learning. This, in turn, helps the child better adapt to the rigorous curriculum at the upper levels. With a focus on excelling in the GCE O-Level examinations, our programme(s) will prepare your child for this hurdle at the end of his four years in secondary school.

Your child will also leave the programme(s) with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world around him while feeling more confident when expressing himself.

Excellence in English (EIE)

Mastery with Precision EIE is an essential programme for 13 to 16 year olds. This programme aims to enhance your child’s precision in the mastery of the English language. The EIE programme also equips your child with diverse strategies to handle seemingly complex genres. We aim to instil confidence in your child and motivate him [...]
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Excellence in English STAR (EIESTAR)

Excellence through Global Awareness The EIE STAR programme is an intensive and rigorous 6-year enrichment programme which culminates in the GCE 'A' Level General Paper Examination. This programme exposes your child to a wide variety of genres to broaden his global perspectives on world and regional issues. At the end of the programme, your child will [...]
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Excellence in Literature

At Secondary 1, most students have never even heard of Literature before. To them it is a formidable subject that is difficult to excel in. They assume they do not have a flair for the subject and are either bored or intimidated or both! With the right techniques and strategies, studying Literature can be stress-free and even enjoyable.

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Excellence in Math

The Excellence in Math Programme: Secondary 1 and 2 is designed to help students cope with the increased technical demand of Mathematics in secondary schools and prepare them for their study of Mathematics at the upper levels. Through the learning and application of Mathematics, students develop reasoning, thinking skills and problem solving skills that help [...]
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Excellence in Additional Maths

The Excellence in Additional Math Programme is designed to help students excel in the subject at the GCE O-Level Examination and become confident users of mathematics who can think logically and critically. The programme also focuses on developing students’ mathematical understanding, competencies and attitudes that are essential should they wish to pursue further studies in [...]
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Excellence in Science (Secondary)

The Secondary Science programme focuses on reinforcing core concepts taught in school to lay the groundwork for stretching students further by infusing questions that require critical and inventive thinking throughout our curriculum. We believe that Science is best learnt through experience and seeing how it is applied in everyday lives. Thus, scenario-based learning takes centre [...]
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